Persona Prescription #1: Be a Baker.

30 Oct



There are two types of people in this world: Takers and Bakers.

Takers – as the name implies – take, take, take. They are needy, grabby, take-y.

Takers interact with people from a position of need. Takers are constantly seeking reassurance and validation of their worth from others. Takers are emotionally and physically draining. No wonder why we flee their presence.

Their self-worth is as fragile as glass. Insecure, takers suffocate everyone with their neediness and attention-seeking.

They hold onto whatever they can get their hands on. They chase after riches, wealth, success, happiness. And, riches, wealth, success, and happiness flee from them.

The only time takers give is to get something in return. And there are ALWAYS strings attached when it comes to takers.

Takers are always wondering to themselves why no one likes to spend time with them, why all good things seem to flee from them.

Bakers.  Bakers interact with people from a position of strength.

They take raw materials and fashion them into pies, and they make the pie bigger for everyone.

They try to take away others’ pain, and spread joy and happiness wherever they go – through compliments, through gestures of love and of caring.

Bakers attract a multitude of friends, lovers, success, and money. Their lives have no lack, because their generosity is so attractive.

Bakers understand that you never lose what you give. And, so they give freely.

They always try to find opportunities to give gifts – not to gain others’ approval or validation. Not for the purpose of getting something in return. Not to engage the law of reciprocity. They give out of their abundance to enrich the lives of others.

Bakers make others feel happy and good about themselves. They add value, instead of taking it away.


PERSONA PRESCRIPTION #1: Be a baker. Be proactive with your generosity. Give without strings attached, and you will have no lack of money, friends, or joy.



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30 Oct

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